Fighting for Joseph’s Love 3

“Don’t ever ask me that question again.” Deborah said angrily. “You mean you don’t know your weird girlfriend has been molesting my best friend ever since?” Joseph looked really surprise. He wanted to say something but was cut off by Deborah’s continuous speech. “I don’t know anything sha, but the next time your stupid girlfriend comes close to my friend, I’m going to design her face with a thick log of wood.” She walked away from Joseph and said “Me, I’ve said my own. You better go and know how to control your girlfriend.” She hissed aloud. … More Fighting for Joseph’s Love 3


Fighting for Joseph’s Love

Gifty is the daughter of Mr. Bello Bello, friend and business associate of Mr. Patrick Gold, Joseph’s father. She is a betrothed to Joseph and the family of both parents approved it. She’s obsessed with Joseph – she probably thinks she’s in love with him too. She frustrates the relationship between him and Judith every time she sees them together. Her joy is always fulfilled with the sadness seen in Judith’s face each time she does it. And the presence of her best friend, Eunice, beside her makes the joyfulness perfectly complete. … More Fighting for Joseph’s Love

August Note

Well, this is me saying happy new month and welcoming you to August – a month, I believe, is one with a lot of positive differences for me and you, if you do believe in it. So, to the real business of the day (or night as the case might be for you) I have … More August Note

Latent Lesson

A story we’ve all been told Of a patriarch who lived in the times of old He was described to be a friend of God The commands of God he sure did uphold A heir from his bowels was the promise He believed although logic it sure missed For a good cause his wife tried … More Latent Lesson