A New Sunday

Bitterly she weeps at night,   tears are on her cheeks.  Among all her lovers    there is no one to comfort her.  All her friends have betrayed her;   they have become her enemies. And now is a new her;   her precious name called Sunday. Behold, everyone observe her…   thus they say- “happy … More A New Sunday

Last Saturday

You remember how my stories always ended happily? It was because I feared throwing my characters apart, breaking their hearts into shreds of glasses lest mine be broken too, but you complained and said that life itself always didn’t have happy endings. Was it about me, Chikel?

          You said she didn’t matter, Chikel. You said it was me. What I never knew was that it was your only way of getting deep inside of me; the parts of myself I locked away from the whole world. And now it’s terrifying that I trusted you enough to let you see through my nakedness; my stretch and birthmarks and you took it all in. You left almost nothing to me, Chikel.

          I remember how you said she was just a friend even after the countless nights she spent in your house, the pictures of her on your timeline and the everyday likes and comments on her posts and pictures on Facebook. You said they didn’t matter and I agreed. After all, I liked and commented on almost all of Jidenna’s posts on Facebook and you never complained.

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Being in love with you felt like she was stabbed right in my chest. The pain was too painful. Tears rolled down her cheeks as he walked out through the door with his bag on his back. It seemed like a movie, a horror one. She hoped he’d just turn back but he was gone … More Recovering

Where Are You?

What if for disguise I wear a mask And seek refuge in a cask What if in my kilter I decide to bask And prove that I am up to the task Would they their question still ask? Their favourite is “where are you?” They never would say with a coo just to be sure … More Where Are You?

The Madness

Steve had his left hand in the deep of his pant, whistling to the world. His free hand was on his thick thigh, tapping nervously. He appeared like a regular youth out on the street on a regular day. There was nothing to suggest anything unusual to passers by, nothing really. Yes, it was quite … More The Madness

Uncommon Thieves

“Shut up all of you!!!” Agba screamed at the top of his lungs. He looked frustrated at the way his little gang of thieves is behaving. They had finished the bank operation they had come for nearly two hours now, but they are yet to leave the bank because Tolu had suggested he receive his … More Uncommon Thieves

The Chronicles

ReallyJohn is a versatile Christian Hip Hop artiste, song writter and actor who has carved a niche for himself with his outstanding delivery and awesome vocals. He started off as a secular artiste in 2011 but switched to gospel in 2014 and released his first gospel song titled “Till I Drop” which made waves. ReallyJohn … More The Chronicles