Uncommon Thieves

“Shut up all of you!!!” Agba screamed at the top of his lungs. He looked frustrated at the way his little gang of thieves is behaving. They had finished the bank operation they had come for nearly two hours now, but they are yet to leave the bank because Tolu had suggested he receive his … More Uncommon Thieves

Fallen Out of Life

How am I supposed to beg a taxi man lifting me from the island to the mainland? I can’t imagine. I prayed he doesn’t have a gun or knife. I have a grave phobia for those two weapons of life destruction. Why didn’t he negotiate price with me too? He must have been deceived by the way I’m dressed. I pity him so much, but I pity myself more.

“Oga,” I wanted to start pleading in advance before I finally meet my doom. I thought, at least, if I’d die today, I should probably die with the hope that I reconciled with the man before so. Even if it’s not enough to make heaven, I could be in the middle of the road where I hope God will send me back to come and complete my life ambition on earth.

“Stop at the next turning. Number 69,” Something else occurred to me. I can’t risk being killed and God not sending me back, so, I’m stopping at house 69 in order to pass the backyard to my own street which is about 7 streets away. “I need to pick something up.” I completed my trick.

“No problem sir,” The taxi man said happily.

“How much did you call my money?” I like asheju sha.

“Five thousand naira sir” He smiled into his car rear mirror.

“I’m giving you four five.” I said seriously.

“No wahala oga.” He looked happy.

He stopped his car in front of house 69, and I walked out reassuring him with the hope of coming back with something for him at least. The kind of confidence I walked with was a trustworthy one. No doubt will ever creep into his mind.

The moment I stepped into the backyard of the house, I picked a certain race no one else could pace, and before anyone could think of something else, I was in front of my house panting like a dog who just escaped murder.

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I Hate You 

I hung the call. That’s just too cliché for my hearing before my sweet bedtime, so I thought. But I couldn’t sleep. Not a sting of sleep came afterwards. My mind wandered on useless thoughts about us throughout the night, and by the time I found sleep, it was too late, yet I slept anyway.

I must have read the text for more than a million times already since I last spoke to him; the text I thought would never matter to my life two days ago. The number of tears I had shed since then also would have been enough to mould at least three clay huts in my village if I had been collecting them. Thank God I live alone, it would have been worse because of the sort of consolation I’d have gotten from my former roommate.

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Fighting for Joseph’s Love 8

“That common street girl took Joseph from you” Bello exclaimed furiously as they drove home. “She took the head girl position from you, and now she had just taken the best graduating student too” He adjusted his agbada arm. “All from you. You should be very ashamed of yourself.” He coughed loudly.

“Abeg, take am easy sir.” The driver said shakily.

“You!” He barked at the driver. “You have seen another job abi?” He asked.

“No o.”

“Then, mind your business and drive.” He said.

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Fighting for Joseph’s Love 7

“So, who’s the head girl?” Mr. Bello Bello asked like he has been waiting for the moment.


“You mean the same girl that is trying to get Joseph from you?” He said with a straight. Gifty could not look him in the eyes as she nodded in shame. “When do you plan on getting anything right, Gifty?” He said angrily. “I did all I could to help you get Joseph, but you failed to make him love you. Instead, you allow a common street rat take him. And now, she has the position I worked so hard to secure for you.” He stood up angrily and faced Gifty. “You are a disgrace to my image and…”

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Fighting for Joseph’s Love 5

On the first day of school, after the midday break, the principal called for an assembly of the students for an important announcement. They all wondered what it was that seems so important, but Gifty beamed like she already knew what the gathering was all about. She couldn’t hide her excitement as she looked like something interesting is about to happen to her. She was in front for her class row in the assembly, with Eunice behind, both smiling babyishly. … More Fighting for Joseph’s Love 5

Fighting for Joseph’s Love 4

Judith received a small sheet of paper with a writing that says, PLEASE, LET’S SEE AFTER SCHOOL IN FRONT OF THE LIBRARY – JOSEPH. She looked at Joseph after reading the letter. He had been looking at her all along. He looked back at her with a sorry face. She nodded and looked away afterwards.

After school, he was waiting for him in front of the library. She walked up to him with Deborah. He smiled at her, but she doesn’t seem to be in a smiley mood.

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Fighting for Joseph’s Love 3

“Don’t ever ask me that question again.” Deborah said angrily. “You mean you don’t know your weird girlfriend has been molesting my best friend ever since?” Joseph looked really surprise. He wanted to say something but was cut off by Deborah’s continuous speech. “I don’t know anything sha, but the next time your stupid girlfriend comes close to my friend, I’m going to design her face with a thick log of wood.” She walked away from Joseph and said “Me, I’ve said my own. You better go and know how to control your girlfriend.” She hissed aloud. … More Fighting for Joseph’s Love 3