Latent Lesson

A story we’ve all been told Of a patriarch who lived in the times of old He was described to be a friend of God The commands of God he sure did uphold A heir from his bowels was the promise He believed although logic it sure missed For a good cause his wife tried … More Latent Lesson

Hail Jesus!!!

This is what the Easter season is all about; Jesus Christ. The only King who has power over death. The only Living God. The biggest and greatest miracle worker. The God of the Living. The Resurrector Himself. Let’s hail Jesus Christ, together!!! … More Hail Jesus!!!

HERIOT by Diamog

HERIOT by Diamog is a collection of Dirge written in loving memories of her wonderful father. She is a beautiful friend I met sometimes last week or thereabout, and it already seemed like we’ve known each other for eternity. Kindly support her by downloading the free e-book here. Read and share with friends and family. Thanks. … More HERIOT by Diamog

Just One

I searched And searched And searched For one   To call To hold And to love Like one   That can smile And laugh And gist Like one   To keep To behold And to kiss Like one   I’m seeking And seeking Still seeking For just one   One Micaiah

GRACE is with HIM

The fire on the ocean is burning Ashes formed clouds on it A peaceful sail of gory Blood of ghost breathing heavily They are smacking down and switching music Spirit are swimming upon the surface With a million and one gigantic Pinnace Oceans and mountain are evaporating Heaven and hell breaking and descending Angels and … More GRACE is with HIM