Pray For Yourself Too

If answered, it means someone like me, whom he had met about some months ago, would have stopped going to the bus stop to get a bus home, likewise the countless number of people he would have met also. Now tell me, who would be left to give him money if we all have our own motor and not entering public transport again? … More Pray For Yourself Too



Book Title: Dear Ijeawele, or A feminist Manifesto in fifteen suggestions Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Publishing Date: 2017 Pages: 34 Chapters: 15 Being a feminist in today’s world has become something of a rockstar status. It initially began with women who believe in the equality for women and has since progressed … More Feminifesto

Dear Diary

Days move nowadays as if they never really started. TGIF. Yesterday was a bit sad for me. I can’t get the specific reason(s) yet, but I do know I’ll get over it all. I was able to do a little steeple chase and was happy to see Ope, Yemisi and Yinka among others graduating at … More Dear Diary

Why Else Would I Want to Toast You?


“Now don’t get me wrong.”  I said to her. “I’m not saying every guy wants to have sex with every girl he meets.”  I continued. Hell no. But for real, I do not think any guy would approach any girl he can’t have sex with – unless I’m evangelizing sha. … More Why Else Would I Want to Toast You?


I once heard ‘Silence is the best answer for a Fool’, however, as much as I would love to call them a fool, I still feel ‘Silence, to an extent, is also the best answer for the Wise’. … More Silence

August Note

Well, this is me saying happy new month and welcoming you to August – a month, I believe, is one with a lot of positive differences for me and you, if you do believe in it. So, to the real business of the day (or night as the case might be for you) I have … More August Note