August Note

Well, this is me saying happy new month and welcoming you to August – a month, I believe, is one with a lot of positive differences for me and you, if you do believe in it. So, to the real business of the day (or night as the case might be for you) I have … More August Note


Choice, in life, is everything. It is the reason I can eat instead of starving to death. It is the reason I can go for a cup of water instead of dying of thirst. It is the reason I can make good friends instead of copying the lifestyle of the bad ones. It is part of the reason I can go to class instead of sleeping and watching movies in my room all day only to fail the end semester exams. Most importantly, it is the reason I will always do what makes me continue living instead of finding hurt for myself. … More Choices

Why so Hard?

Always, I keep wondering why I can’t just put up posts here regularly. Honestly, why? Now I know the ever present writers block I have, is a big contribution. Also, the stresses must have been contributing their own part too. But why am I still in it? Why, for this long. Tell me why it … More Why so Hard?

A Blogger

Recently, I was wondering who a blogger is. But seriously, I think a blogger is anyone who blogs. As true as that is, I wonder why I haven’t dropped a post in the last 8 days (so I thought). To be honest, I’ve been too busy sorting lots of stuffs in my life (I ain’t … More A Blogger

Hail Jesus!!!

This is what the Easter season is all about; Jesus Christ. The only King who has power over death. The only Living God. The biggest and greatest miracle worker. The God of the Living. The Resurrector Himself. Let’s hail Jesus Christ, together!!! … More Hail Jesus!!!