Not Again

“You have a very beautiful bouncing baby girl,” I heard the local midwife telling my husband outside the house. I heard no word from him. I guessed he just walked off in anger. I later heard he went all the way to the herbalist place to beat hell out of him. The matter was later resolved between the two by the elders of the land, but my husband swore never to step into his place again for any kind of help.

Unfortunately, approximately seven days later, my husband was already forcing sex on me again and again. He would wake me up in the middle of the night just to have sex. Anytime I refuse, I usually receive a fresh beating of life and aside that, he would make the sex more aggressive than normal; a punishment for objecting him. … More Not Again

Emotional Decorum

Too many things are happening around her that she’s failing to take note of. Everyone except her can see that a whole lot is wrong with her. Jane had just suffered a heartbreak. She has experienced a few heartbreaks in the past, one which was her losing her dad she loved so much, but this … More Emotional Decorum

Love Me Tender

I’m fragile, Delicate and gentle, And like a glass bird, You cannot fix me once I get broken. But I’m trusting you to be kind, So please, handle me with care, Love me tender, Love me mild! I’m but myself, Different, unique and special. My heart is like a puzzle, The perfect piece is hard … More Love Me Tender


This wonderful piece was written by Edidiong Andy with the pen name, Eddie Schwaggs. You can find him on Instagram @i_am_schwaggs, on Twitter @eddieschwaggs, and you can also reach him via email at … More Justina


Being in love with you felt like she was stabbed right in my chest. The pain was too painful. Tears rolled down her cheeks as he walked out through the door with his bag on his back. It seemed like a movie, a horror one. She hoped he’d just turn back but he was gone … More Recovering

I Hate You 

I hung the call. That’s just too cliché for my hearing before my sweet bedtime, so I thought. But I couldn’t sleep. Not a sting of sleep came afterwards. My mind wandered on useless thoughts about us throughout the night, and by the time I found sleep, it was too late, yet I slept anyway.

I must have read the text for more than a million times already since I last spoke to him; the text I thought would never matter to my life two days ago. The number of tears I had shed since then also would have been enough to mould at least three clay huts in my village if I had been collecting them. Thank God I live alone, it would have been worse because of the sort of consolation I’d have gotten from my former roommate.

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Fighting for Joseph’s Love 8

“That common street girl took Joseph from you” Bello exclaimed furiously as they drove home. “She took the head girl position from you, and now she had just taken the best graduating student too” He adjusted his agbada arm. “All from you. You should be very ashamed of yourself.” He coughed loudly.

“Abeg, take am easy sir.” The driver said shakily.

“You!” He barked at the driver. “You have seen another job abi?” He asked.

“No o.”

“Then, mind your business and drive.” He said.

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