The Chronicles

ReallyJohn is a versatile Christian Hip Hop artiste, song writter and actor who has carved a niche for himself with his outstanding delivery and awesome vocals. He started off as a secular artiste in 2011 but switched to gospel in 2014 and released his first gospel song titled “Till I Drop” which made waves. ReallyJohn … More The Chronicles

Smart not Smart

“ARTS LUMINARY CONVOCATION” is a program that is organized to honour  stage personnels in Lagos in appreciation of their immense contribution and tireless efforts to the growth of theatre market in Lagos. Right about now, we’ve planned to do a command performance for all stage actors, directors and artistes in Lagos. This Performance is a … More Smart not Smart

Arts Approach 2017

What is Arts Approach? Arts Approach is an annual youth empowerment project for young and professional dance and drum artistes in Lagos and its environs. It was initiated in September 2014 by Oluwasogba Tayo Sam (IjoTayo), with the aim of empowering the youths in the community and this involves dance, drums, arts and craft, make up, … More Arts Approach 2017

Latent Lesson

A story we’ve all been told Of a patriarch who lived in the times of old He was described to be a friend of God The commands of God he sure did uphold A heir from his bowels was the promise He believed although logic it sure missed For a good cause his wife tried … More Latent Lesson

Secret Betrayal 24

Episode 1     Episode 2     Episode 3     Episode 4     Episode 5     Episode 6     Episode 7     Episode 8     Episode 9     Episode 10     Episode 11     Episode 12     Episode 13     Episode 14     Episode 15     Episode 16     Episode 17     Episode 18     Episode 19     Episode 20     Episode 21  … More Secret Betrayal 24

Secret Betrayal 23

Episode 1     Episode 2     Episode 3     Episode 4     Episode 5     Episode 6     Episode 7     Episode 8     Episode 9     Episode 10     Episode 11     Episode 12     Episode 13     Episode 14     Episode 15     Episode 16     Episode 17     Episode 18     Episode 19     Episode 20     Episode … More Secret Betrayal 23