Dark clouds covered the skies. Birds fly in their numbers as thunder began to rumble. Her children have been shivering since 2pm. Her face is filled with confusion and sadness. She had tried everything but their fever wouldn’t stop, instead it got worse. Tears flowed down her eyes as she thought of her husband; one … More Damaged

The Anonymous Cherif

Basically, I don’t really have much to say. I just thought I could share a great writer’s post on here. I’ve known him for a while now, and in fact, we were classmates for a while too. I know he’s one of the few classmates I’m proudly proud of;  just a few of them. There’s … More The Anonymous Cherif

Emotional Decorum

Too many things are happening around her that she’s failing to take note of. Everyone except her can see that a whole lot is wrong with her. Jane had just suffered a heartbreak. She has experienced a few heartbreaks in the past, one which was her losing her dad she loved so much, but this … More Emotional Decorum

Suspended Story

I got a story,    It makes man go so weary, “Am sorry” that makes man worry,     Even when the sky fly Air Navy. I got a story,    It makes the ocean shed tears, “You are half-man” which kills…     a man’s dignity and respected stars. I got a story,   … More Suspended Story

Love Me Tender

I’m fragile, Delicate and gentle, And like a glass bird, You cannot fix me once I get broken. But I’m trusting you to be kind, So please, handle me with care, Love me tender, Love me mild! I’m but myself, Different, unique and special. My heart is like a puzzle, The perfect piece is hard … More Love Me Tender


This wonderful piece was written by Edidiong Andy with the pen name, Eddie Schwaggs. You can find him on Instagram @i_am_schwaggs, on Twitter @eddieschwaggs, and you can also reach him via email at andyemmanuel18@gmail.com … More Justina

A New Sunday

Bitterly she weeps at night,   tears are on her cheeks.  Among all her lovers    there is no one to comfort her.  All her friends have betrayed her;   they have become her enemies. And now is a new her;   her precious name called Sunday. Behold, everyone observe her…   thus they say- “happy … More A New Sunday


Being in love with you felt like she was stabbed right in my chest. The pain was too painful. Tears rolled down her cheeks as he walked out through the door with his bag on his back. It seemed like a movie, a horror one. She hoped he’d just turn back but he was gone … More Recovering

Where Are You?

What if for disguise I wear a mask And seek refuge in a cask What if in my kilter I decide to bask And prove that I am up to the task Would they their question still ask? Their favourite is “where are you?” They never would say with a coo just to be sure … More Where Are You?