August Note

Well, this is me saying happy new month and welcoming you to August – a month, I believe, is one with a lot of positive differences for me and you, if you do believe in it.

So, to the real business of the day (or night as the case might be for you) I have a disturbing topic and I really feel it will be nice to discuss it online. However, if I don’t get a fine response here, I’ll probably talk to my friends and random people here around me.

Yeah! That’s the word – Influence.

What is the meaning of Influence? What do I think it is? What do you think it is? How does it affect my life? How does it affect yours? Well, I want to contribute my quota and hope you lay down your own also.

Influence, according to Google, is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

I believe it is the ability a subject has to DOMINATE another subject. And the reason for dominance (which in this case translates to influence) must either be BENEFICIAL or ENJOYABLE.

Beneficial, meaning, the influential subject derives one or more benefits in influencing the influenced subject. For example, I know of a friend who goes out to teach in tutorial centres anytime he is broke and hungry. I’m not sure it is hard to believe teaching is one of the biggest ways to influence anyone. And if that’s agreed upon, I could easily conclude that my friend influences people only when he is broke and hungry. This in turn is beneficial to him because he gets certain amount of money from it, with which he can use to solve his hunger problems and part of his broke situation.

Enjoyable: The influence on a thing can be made just because a certain type of enjoyment is obtained from doing it. This can be exemplified using myself. I love writing and through it, I believe I could change (influence) lives by blogging. So, I blog, hoping that someone is blessed each time with it, and with this, I am happy because first, I’m doing what I enjoy doing – writing and second, someone is being influenced by it (another thing I enjoy doing – influencing).

I think there’s more to Influence than being Beneficial and/or Enjoyable, but who am I to know all?

Kindly leave a comment or two (or ten) of what you think about Influence – the reasons and derivations you think anyone could get from being influential.

Thanks for coming around.

One Micaiah


6 thoughts on “August Note

  1. You didn’t mention the fact that influence can be positive or negative. It can be done consciously or unconsciously and it can also be beneficial or destructive. We are all influenced in one way or another everyday of our lives by our family,guardians,friends, mentors,environment,situations and even the media. I also think we should be thoughtful concerning all we do or don’t do because you never know who you are influencing by your actions or even inactions.

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  2. Me I think that influence is one of the most unconscious things there is. The major influencer to me is the society. So I think the saying “society is what make us” is bigly true.
    I have imitated people simply because I mixed with them, not because I wanted to but because I hung our with them. Ive imitated people’s talk, walk, mannerisms etc because I associated with them or even simply because I saw them.
    Influence to me chiefly unintentional.

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