Once upon a Time

I want to write, but I wonder what to put down here today. I’m still kinda lost, but I think I could tell you a story.

Once upon a time, a small black baby was born in a small tiny town in a big city in a very popular black country.

The baby grew unconsciously in wisdom, knowledge and understanding everyday. He loved learning, so, he was very much loved by his teachers. Every one of them loved him dearly.

The baby became a young boy going through life just as it is supposed to be gone through. He moved through lots of experiences. Deathly and Life experiences enough to reshappen the life of a person. He survived anyways, and lived into being a man.

The man worked so hard that he became rich; very rich. He was almost as rich as the richest black man in the world, yet he was still as humble as ever. He had smooth relationships with every single person in his life. No fights, no quarrels, no problems. However, he grew old.

The old man had lots of children to call his – Five children, about 20 grandchildren, numerous great-grandchildren and countless great great grandchildren. He lived a very happy life truly loves by his large family. He continued to impact both his wide variety of knowledge and wisdom, complemented with his experiences in the lives of people around him.

One day, he died. Guess what? Before he gave off his final breath, he recalled how his life had been from the beginning and smile for he had lived a very fulfilling life. Many people wept over his death though.

A finely befitting burial ceremony was performed for him, and it was really nice to eat delicious jollof, big meat and pounded yam at the party. I drank a couple of alcoholics too. It was also nice to meet and make new friends. I really enjoyed myself.

Now, this is the end of my story. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to leave your comments and likes below. Also, you could follow the blog using ur email, and check out the social media pages too. In case you need to talk to me too, I’m very free to talk to nowadays.

Thanks again.

One Micaiah


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