Why so Hard?

Always, I keep wondering why I can’t just put up posts here regularly. Honestly, why?

Now I know the ever present writers block I have, is a big contribution. Also, the stresses must have been contributing their own part too. But why am I still in it? Why, for this long.

Tell me why it is so hard to write something.

You can as well let me know how to get over this. I’ve got great stuffs coming up very soon. Please, bear with me for these serious-less attitudes. It’ll all be cool soon enough.

One more thing!!!

You are specially invited to see a mind blowing benefit performance of the Street Project Creative Youth Boot Camp Class of 2017. Three hours of Art Exhibition and Total Theatre performance that has never been seen before. Fundraising Gate Fee: N1000

Open to the public.

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Instagram @streetprojectfoundation

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