Gory Tale Of An Orphan

Like all other kids; I was fed with milk 

Unlike all other kids; mine was a cow’s milk. … More Gory Tale Of An Orphan



Choice, in life, is everything. It is the reason I can eat instead of starving to death. It is the reason I can go for a cup of water instead of dying of thirst. It is the reason I can make good friends instead of copying the lifestyle of the bad ones. It is part of the reason I can go to class instead of sleeping and watching movies in my room all day only to fail the end semester exams. Most importantly, it is the reason I will always do what makes me continue living instead of finding hurt for myself. … More Choices

Once upon a Time

I want to write, but I wonder what to put down here today. I’m still kinda lost, but I think I could tell you a story. Once upon a time, a small black baby was born in a small tiny town in a big city in a very popular black country. The baby grew unconsciously … More Once upon a Time

Why so Hard?

Always, I keep wondering why I can’t just put up posts here regularly. Honestly, why? Now I know the ever present writers block I have, is a big contribution. Also, the stresses must have been contributing their own part too. But why am I still in it? Why, for this long. Tell me why it … More Why so Hard?