A Blogger

Recently, I was wondering who a blogger is. But seriously, I think a blogger is anyone who blogs. As true as that is, I wonder why I haven’t dropped a post in the last 8 days (so I thought). To be honest, I’ve been too busy sorting lots of stuffs in my life (I ain’t busy enough though).

Wait! Blogging also should involve the blogger talking about his/her life – the busy-ness (I think that’s how the word, Business, was actually derived from), the wars, the school stuffs, the everything. Anyways, I’m not sure I’m saying much, but I should be speaking a little about my recent lifestyle.

First, I finished my exams yesterday with the last paper in this semester, and I felt extremely happy about it. The exams started about 4 weeks ago, and it’s been really frustrating having to read overnight consecutively for such a long time. It’s so tiring. I can’t stop thanking God for the success of the exams – my exams.

Second, I started a Creative Youth Bootcamp on Monday, and though I’ve missed about two and a half days since then, the little moments I’ve had in the camping experience has been too sweet, inspiring and motivating. A lot had already been said and done in just less than a week, and it makes me feel like its been like a month. The camping experience is supposed to last for 3 weeks, i.e I have approximately 2 weeks more to improve on my creativity. I am sure I will be leaving the camp a more creative me, so, watch out!

Third, Last but not least, coz I already feel boring writing this long. I am extremely broke (I’m rich in Jesus name. Amen!). The last time I checked my bank account balance, I was utterly disappointed at my life (it’s still a beautiful life though). The balance was and still is N10.14 (ten Nigeria naira and 14 Nigeria kobo). And that’s approximately US$0.04

So, if you’re reading this and you feel like helping out, kindly contact me soon. Thanks and God bless you for me. Below are my contact details.

Whatsapp – +2348067208142

Email – theonemicaiah@gmail.com

Facebook – @onemicaiah

Twitter – @one_micaiah

Instagram – @one_micaiah

Thanks again. I love you all.
One Micaiah


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