Hail Jesus!!!



Jesus Christ.

The Son of God

who came to suffer

for the sins of sinners.

Submitted himself humbly

to be beaten and detested,

to be humiliated and spat on.

Hail Jesus, the king who died to save us.

Hail Jesus, the one crucified for me,

betrayed for thirty silver pieces,

sought after for speaking the truth,

denied by all et Cephas.

He knew he was to die,

yet, he surrendered

to be taken

And nailed hard

to the




Son of God

who died for me

to be forgiven

and rose on the third day

to redeem my shameless soul.

He ascended heaven to reign,

so I might reign also in the end.

Hail Jesus, my saviour and redeemer.

Yes! Hail Jesus with me for he’s risen.

He has risen from the dead alive.

He, who died with all of my sins

has resurrected with none.

I’m fully forgiven,

with my shame taken.



He still


One Micaiah


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