They Are All Here

No matter the event I went, there are always a constant and specific sets of people present with me. They are always everywhere. At a point, I thought some of them should be exempted from more serious meetings like church services, talents show auditions, educational conferences, and the likes. I’ve always known that it is very normal to find them in wedding parties, club parties, birthday parties – in fact, all kinds of parties.

Yet, I’ve come to realise that even if the meeting is as serious as the coming together of Trump and Putin in agreement with serious senators and other serious politians witnessing, these sets of people will still be in fine attendance. They are just everywhere. Everywhere, all the time.

Who are these sets of people?

Broadly, they are divided into three:

  • The ones that are for the event: These are the real people for the event. They are the ones that attend the event with the sole aim of benefiting from every single thing to be benefitted from. They don’t joke around during the event. They are always highly attentive, taking part in every aspect of the event proceedings. They may be invited to the event or not, but they are always being identified with their undoubting attention.
  • The ones that are not for the event: These are not concerned with what happen in the event or not. They are just there to see how it is going to start or end. They don’t care what is really happening or what is not happening. They just want to be there for being-there-sake. Their attentiveness is very compromising; most of them might look as if they are listening, but they actually are not in the event at all. They are present absentmindedly. Also, most of them must have been invited (mostly by force), but it’s easy to spot them by asking them a few things about what the event is about – they simply don’t know, or tell you what is not real.
  • The ones that are neither for nor against the event: These ones are always the most critical set. Their presence in the event is highly insignificant. They are just there impactlessly on the attendants, and even on themselves. They seem to walk about throughout the whole event looking for absolute nothing. They act playfully with their neighbours if they’re unable to walk about. And if nothing is working for them, they simply sleep off. Their attention is the furthest from the event. They don’t know anything, they don’t want to know and they also do not want anyone else to know. Only few of them is usually with an authentic invitation. They are mostly event crashers.

Funny enough, there are subgroups or subsets of these different sets of people, but we have to continue that another time.

Who knows, I might be completing the list in a few moments from now, or tomorrow or maybe next week. It might even be now! Anyways, keep watching out for the complementary post.

Until then, thanks for reading. I hope the new month has been faithful so far. Keep your comments coming in. Don’t forget to share with friends and family too.

Still always here,

One Micaiah


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