April Fools’ Day – March Stats Awards

April Fools’ Day (sometimes called All Fools’ Day) is celebrated every year on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. People playing April Fool jokes expose their prank by shouting April Fool. Some newspapers, magazines, and other published media report fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in small letters. Although popular since the 19th century, the day is not a public holiday in any country. – Wikipedia

To be sincere, I have been a fool to a number of people today since about the very initial hour of the day. And I have also tried retaliating, but all was to no avail. I wish I could try it here on the blog with my fine readers and fellow bloggers, believe me, I have given up already. So, let’s just talk about what and who got the prestigious stats awards for the past month – March.

Here we go…

  • Total Posts – 7
  • Total Views – 178
  • Total Visitors – 152
  • Total Likes – 58
  • Total Comments – 13
  • Best Views –  48 (March 25)
  • Most Popular Day – Saturday
  • WordPress Followers – 4
  • Most Popular Page – Home/Archives
  • Most Popular Post – What’s Your Zodiac?
  • Most Popular Referrer – wordpress.com Reader
  • Most Popular Click – Instagram
  • Visiting Countries – Canada, European Union, Ghana, India, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States
  • Most Popular Countries – 1. Nigeria 2. European Union and 3. United States

Special shout out to my 4 newest followers – five experts, Jess T., Christiana, phicklephilly. And also, a big shout out to Pooja G. I’m sure you don’t really know what you’re doing in my life, but I wish I could hug you tight for every motivation you give to me for the blog.

To my followers, readers, likers, sharers, etc., Happy New Month to you all and welcome to the month of April. I hope we all achieve what we haven’t been able to achieve this month. I love you all.

The next awards ceremony comes up on the 1st of May. Thanks for reading. Happy April Fools’ Day.


Still here,

One Micaiah


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