A Lost Jewel (Continuation)

The anger in me vanished. It was immediately replaced with sympathy for her. I moved close to her and pulled her up from the chair and gently wiped off her tears with the back of my hand.

One thing led to another and we found ourselves locked in a highly passionate kissing game, the one I had dreamt of while I was away. It took a few seconds before she came back to her senses and halted the game.

“It’s too late now. I am married with two kids, Segun.” She pulled herself away from me. “You should start going now. My husband will soon get back. I pray you find a new lover.” She said hurriedly walking away from me.

I left with heavy heart. I felt melancholic to the fact that my valuable treasure had been stolen from me. But whose fault was it? Was I not the one who travelled and left my queen alone? Wasn’t it my pleasure to go on such a journey?

My thought flowed in all directions like the ocean. I was too deep in thought to notice the havoc I was about to cause myself – an incoming vehicle was about to end my life. I managed to dock by the road side but that didn’t prevent the mud splashed by the vehicle, staining my Sky-blue pants. I cursed bitterly but it doesn’t seem my existence is of much value to the vehicle driver.

Suddenly, I felt the freedom of my hands unlike when I was going to her house. My mind quickly went to the traveling bag which I had left on the chair when we were having our little tete-a-tete. I turned back, heading to her house. 

When I got there, I was shocked to find the same car which had molested my trouser neatly parked in the front of the house. While still wondering about the car, my attention was drawn to the scream coming from the house. I quickly dashed toward the door and opened it. The sight I saw was outrageous. I found my precious jewel on the floor being assaulted by a man I thought was her husband.

As courtesy demands, I rushed towards the man and tried to stop him from kicking life out of her but he yanked me away and continue with the beating. I became furious and launched a mighty blow on him. He fell down but stood up moments later and came at me with a broken glass cup. I knocked out the weapon and broke one of his fingers. I kicked him just as he had done my Jewel until she begged me to stop. I eventually stopped but promised to come claim his life if he ever lay a finger on my Fatima again. With this, I took my bag and walked out of house.

If I had not been conscripted into the army, I wouldn’t have lost my jewel to an insane fellow. I thought as I walked my way back home. “My Lost Jewel.”

Opeodu ‘Liz’ Pelumi


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