A Lost Jewel

There I was, standing opposite the yellow bungalow house doing nothing but contemplating whether to go in or not. I stared at the window hoping to catch a glimpse of the one I seek but saw nothing.

Why am I even looking for her after what she has done to me? The news of her sudden marriage had left me devastated when I was told. I had felt as if she had sold out a portion of my heart.

Although my instincts urge me to turn back, eventually my heart won. The door bell rang melodiously when it felt my touch. I waited for a reply but didn’t hear one until the fifth time when a feminine voice spoke from the inside.

A few minutes later, the door flung open, leaving me with a stunned self at the sight of whom I am beholding.

The figure standing before me was the light skinned damsel I had sworn to walk down the aisle, adorned with an extravagant attire. Her charming smile, of which I have missed so much, was no where to be found, instead she wore marks of all sorts which got me wondering if she had had a recent encounter with a wild animal.

The surprise on her face was enormous when she saw me. We stood staring at each other for minutes before I finally broke the silence.

“Hello Fatima, it’s been ages.” I greeted with a smile.

“Oh Segun, is this really you?” She asked with a dry smile. “When did you come back?” She continued with arrows of question at me which I answered diligently before I was ushered in.

“Why did you break the secret vow of love we had Fatima?” I asked impatiently. She ignored my question and went inside. She came back moments later with two cups containing a bluish liquid and offered one to me which I rejected.

“Please, answer my question lady.” I continued with a boiling blood. 

She gently placed my cup of liquid on the table and took a seat. She motioned for me to do the same.

“I’m very sorry for what happened Segun. It wasn’t my fault.” She said fighting back the tears in her eyes.

“Then whose fault is it?” I roared carelessly.

“Come on Shegz, you know how much I love you. I was determined to wait patiently till you come back but my parents forced me into getting married.” The tears were nearly dropping. “They had me drugged and raped by Michael – their Mr Right, when they found it difficult to convince me.” She paused a little to wipe her tears away.

“The rape resulted into a pregnancy, which left me no choice but to be his bride.” She confessed letting the tears flow.

The anger in me vanished. It was immediately replaced with sympathy for her. I moved close to her and pulled her up from the chair and gently wiped off her tears with the back of my hand.

To be continued on Friday, 31/03/2017 at 1200hrs (GMT +0100hrs)

Opeodu ‘Liz’ Pelumi


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