50 Followers Reaction!


I’d never ever thought I’ll be doing this – writing a reaction for a specific number of followers gotten on my blog. I’ve actually seen some other bloggers doing it, but it has never crossed my mind to ever partake in it. Funny, it’s what I’m actually doing now.

I was hit with a congratulatory trophy some minutes ago for reaching 50 followers (wordpress followers). I was particularly not in that high-happy mood I’ve always been before this inspiration-less mood settled in some weeks back, but immediately I received that notification (or maybe trophy), my blood level of adrenaline went high. I am happy. And that’s the reason I am writing this post.

Also, I am taking this time to apologize for not still getting back to this blog the way I should. I feel you might feel the blog is okay the way it is, but I know I am not doing enough with myself and the blog recently. Reason? I am kind of down on inspiration. I feel I am depressed and stressed, but I hate thinking negatively, and so, I don’t want to believe so. I am actually extremely happy writing this right now.

Special shoutout to my 50th follower – Christiana. Thanks for following. I hope you find the blog friendly enough.

And to the rest of my followers and readers with likers, I can’t stop loving you all. Thanks in every way you’ve kept me motivated. Once again, I love you all.

I think I’m saying too much already. I should put up a fine post before the end of the week. Stay tuned.

Still here,

One Micaiah


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