Welcome to March – February Stats Awards

Hello! This is me again saying Happy New Month to you whoever you are and a very BIG THANK YOU to my blog readers, and most especially my followers, likers and commenters. You guys rock greatly! Sincerely, I haven’t been able to run the blog as I’d planned but with you guys, my motivation is always kept alive. A very Special Shout-Out to Nik, Child of Cynicism, Pooja G, Alexius6’s Blog, Akuokuo, Elganspo and whole lot of other wonderful bloggers I can’t mention right now. You guys motivate me like crazy. Thanks for the comments and likes. I feel like hugging each one of you this minute.

Without taking any much of our times, the awards should start soon, but I still want to use this opportunity to tell you again that I am very sorry for recent laziness towards the blog, I’ve been slightly busy with school stuffs. However, I promise to make March one of my interesting months yet. Just make sure you tune in at the right time always. Thanks for your understanding too. I think that’s enough.

And here are the awards for the month of February, 2017…

  • Total Posts – 7
  • Total Views – 178
  • Total Visitors – 123
  • Total Likes – 52
  • Total Comments – 2
  • Best Views –  23 (February 13)
  • Most Popular Day – Friday
  • WordPress Followers – 8
  • Most Popular Page – Home/Archives
  • Most Popular Post – Heriot by Diamog
  • Most Popular Referrer – wordpress.com Reader
  • Most Popular Click – Heriot by Diamog & Instagram
  • Visiting Countries – European Union, Ghana, Hong Kong SAR China, India, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States
  • Most Popular Countries – 1. Nigeria 2. United States and 3. India
  • Most Popular Author – One Micaiah

And that’s the end of the awards giving ceremony. I hope you enjoyed the post. If there’s any question, suggestion or complaint, kindly comment below in the comment box. The next awards ceremony comes up on the 1st of April. Thanks for reading. Happy New Month.

Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com

Still here forever.

One Micaiah


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