I don’t know how to say this. I don’t feel so right about it, but I think it should be profiting in the long run.

Wonder what I want to say?

It’s just the blog timetable. I want to share it with you guys. It’s not completed yet, but as time goes on you’ll get to know more about the additions and subtractions. Please, follow me kindly, and if you have any suggestions at all, let me know about it by commenting below.

  • Monday – Pending…
  • Tuesday – Guest Posts
  • Wednesday – Short Stories (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Thursday – Fun Facts
  • Friday – Poems
  • Saturday – Series Stories (Fiction & Nonfiction)
  • Sunday – Gospel Articles

Just as I have said before, it’s yet to be completed, and you also have the right to alter some things about it, just put your suggestions in the comment box below and let’s see what we can do together.


Still yours Forever.

One Micaiah


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