A Big Time Procrastinator

God! I’m a big time procrastinator. I can procrastinate for the whole of Africa. I have totally procrastinated putting up posts on this blog since Sunday and it feels really lazy of me. I feel disgusting too.

But sincerely, I’ve been busy with my project seminar presentation. It’s been me and God alone since I started about 2 or 3 weeks ago. There’s been bigger ups and downs, but through it all, the Lord didn’t cease to show up. He was there all the time. And thanks to Him, I’m here to put up a post again.

Though, I’m still into school stuffs, because I have to start reading ASAP for my fast approaching exams, I should be able to drop posts once in a while. And aside that, the experiences I’ve had in these past few weeks are far worth more than not sharing. We can all learn from it.

Back to my schedule. I’ll be leaving one of my series on My Mother here tomorrow (I think I just made a promise that might be hard to keep). Sunday continues with my normal Sunday posts (I’m very positive about not missing any post on Sundays). And so on…

I really need to join my classmates now. See you soon. Thanks for still staying with me. 😘


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