Welcome to February – January Stats Awards

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Hello there! It’s been a very wonderful month since I started blogging, and it feels like I’ve been here for a million years already. This is a post to say happy new month to you wherever you may be and also, to say a very BIG THANK YOU to my blog readers, and most especially my followers and commenters. You guys rock greatly! To be sincere, I am deeply happy for this fine success within a couple of weeks, which of course was made possible by your support, in anyway you have always done it.

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Now to the second business of the day: I am starting a monthly stats awards where I’ll have to award the best of the bests as we proceed out of every month. So, for the month of January, which has been the first and only month so far, I bring you the awards. As usual, you are always free to comment and like. In fact, do what you like to this post, as long as it is not being taken away from here, I’m cool.

Let the awards begin…

  • Total Posts – 17
  • Total Views – 549
  • Total Visitors – 278
  • Total Likes – 100
  • Total Comments – 31
  • Best Views Ever – 40 (January 5)
  • Most Popular Day – Thursday
  • Most Popular Hour – 07:00
  • Followers – 40 wordpress followers and 1 email followers
  • Most Popular Page – Home
  • Most Popular Post – His Bone Was Out! and Mama, I Miss You
  • Most Popular Referrer – wordpress.com Reader
  • Most Popular Click – http://www.instagram.com
  • Visiting Countries – Australia, Belgium, Canada, European Union, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
  • Most Popular Countries – 1. Nigeria 2. United States and 3. United Kingdom

and the last award goes to…

  • Most Popular Author – One Micaiah
Background Credit: http://www.systems-sunlight.com

And we’ve come to the end of the awards giving ceremony, I do hope you enjoyed the show. If there’s any question, suggestion or complaint, kindly comment below in the comment box. The next awards ceremony would be coming up after February (most definitely March 1).

Stay tuned because February is going to be a bigger month. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the motivation. And thanks for always being here.

Still yours Forever.

One Micaiah


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