I’m Sorry

There’s a popular saying I’ve heard a long time ago. I really can’t remember how to put it now but I know it goes with saying “Thank You and I’m Sorry” are two of the hardest words to tell a person. I know I should have written this post a while ago, so first, I’m … More I’m Sorry

HERIOT by Diamog

HERIOT by Diamog is a collection of Dirge written in loving memories of her wonderful father. She is a beautiful friend I met sometimes last week or thereabout, and it already seemed like we’ve known each other for eternity. Kindly support her by downloading the free e-book here. Read and share with friends and family. Thanks. … More HERIOT by Diamog


He erected the pillars at the portico of the temple. The pillar to the south he named Jakin and the one to the north Boaz. 1 Kings 7:21 (NIV) As you can see from the scripture passage above, I wasn’t referring to the Boaz who had that fine relationship with Ruth in the Bible. No! … More Boaz

Mother Hustle

I looked at her dreaded face with a face full of pity. My head wouldn’t stop shaking while my brain was being paraded by casual strings of thoughts. What happened to her? Why does she look so dreadful? I deeply want to know more, so I’m definitely telling you more about her. She is a … More Mother Hustle

Just One

I searched And searched And searched For one   To call To hold And to love Like one   That can smile And laugh And gist Like one   To keep To behold And to kiss Like one   I’m seeking And seeking Still seeking For just one   One Micaiah