​I Saw You in My Dreams

One Micaiah: What are you thinking?

One Girl: Well… Nothing

One Micaiah: OK o

One Micaiah: Gist me na

One Girl: OK…

One Girl: You guys are funny sometimes

One Micaiah: Hmm

One Micaiah: 😟

One Micaiah: I think I can be funny at times too

One Girl: Lol…A guy asked me to date him and I refused

One Micaiah: So what happened afterwards?

One Girl: And since then, he’s been telling me he sees me in his dreams

One Micaiah: Lol

One Girl: And I accepted his proposal and we were having fun, loving each other and all THAT…

One Girl: Well, what was he thinking?

One Micaiah: I don’t get?

One Girl: Maybe, he’s thinking THAT would make me change my decision or something… I don’t know

One Micaiah: Lol

One Micaiah: You’re not serious

One Micaiah: He might actually be seeing you in his dreams o

One Micaiah: You know 😂

One Girl: U think so?

One Girl: Well, that’s his problem

One Micaiah: Uhn…

One Micaiah: And you say we guys are funny

One Micaiah: Is it bad to express our love again?

One Micaiah: If we’re not doing it now, you girls will be saying something else

One Girl: Lol… You are not serious

One Micaiah: Am serious na

One Micaiah: Is that not the truth?

One Girl: If a girl says NO, then let her be

One Micaiah: Its not that easy

And so the chat went on and on that particular night on a very particular day. I wasn’t blaming the guy for lying about seeing her in his dreams, whether it’s true or not. I wasn’t going to blame the girl either, either she believed him or not. I am very indifferent person in most life situations, so I just continued my life without giving it a second thought. (my second is referring to the seconds hand in an analog wall clock)

Just two days ago, while watching one of those Nigerian movies (my normal lonely self will never think about it, let alone watching it) with a friend of mine saw a scene where a very promiscuous young lady, a church member, went to see the church pastor privately, making advances towards the cute pastor. With great attention to how the pastor was not in any way falling into her trap, she decided to give a last trial by telling the pastor she’s been seeing him in her dreams making HOT STEADY LOVE TO HER. She said she’s keen on making it come to reality. The pastor just waved her off, and continued with his normal civic duties.

Minutes ago, I woke up panic-filled because I saw a girl in my dream. To be factual, I had seven girls with me, in just one dream. (I didn’t even realise that until I started counting now). Seven girls, only me. Hmm. I pity myself. But seriously, I am familiar with only one of these girls, and she’s the only one close to me in the dream. Now this is what I’m thinking while writing this post:

If I call her now and tell her what I saw, won’t she start acting like One Girl, and think I’m just trying to get her to date me. Or maybe, she’ll act worse by telling me not to ever discuss such with her again, just as the pastor did. Okay, perhaps, she will just laugh me to scorn, without thinking I might be a very emotional person who could hang myself because of that. (I’m just joking). Possibly, she might just say YES, Micaiah, let’s go out on a date. 😁

Anyways, I just want you all to know that no matter what, it is a very hard thing expressing love to the opposite sex, especially if the person is shy and sure like I am 😉. Please, show at least a little courtesy. Even if you hate them like I hate poop, there’s always a nice way to go about it, be it good or bad.

Thanks for reading.

Still here forever.
One Micaiah


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