​What if…?

My heart never stopped pondering on the case of a beloved roommate in school. He’s been out of school for the past fortnight now, and a laid claim seems to be awaiting his return. The sight of the handsomely looking neighbor is what brought about the remembrance of the situation at hand. It left me a question – “What if it’s all a coincidence?”

Two Saturdays ago, one of my roommates walked up to me as I stormed the room in my always-fashionable style and asked strangely,

“Do you have the phones with you?”

It looked somewhat amazing to me that I don’t know whether to laugh, smile, frown or get angry at him. I guess I just kept wondering if the guy was in his right senses at that moment. First, I’m not sure I know anything about what he was saying. Last, he should be out of his senses to have started an interrogation just like that even if I know about what he was talking. I think maybe it’s because am not to be suspected though.

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently.

“Two phones went missing last night around 2 am.” He answered politely. “The grand suspect is Efom, but I hope you didn’t see any phone?” He continued hastily. I only gave an I-don’t-know face, but I know he knows I wouldn’t be the one they are looking for.

We both examined the matter very well with him asking questions like, if I had woken up in the middle of the night to take a piss or something. Or maybe by chance, I saw anyone or anything strange over the night. I simply did not wake up after I slept the night before and so I simply know nothing about the situation.

Efom had always been the perfect roommate until he brought out the real him about 2 weeks of his knowledge. I vowed never to have anything so personal to do with him ever since and so our closeness vastly degenerated like a crashing plane. He pulled many stunts thereafter on all other roommates that earned him many medals carrying the badge of hatred instead of fondness. No one can easily get rid of him, for he was far too much pain in the ass even before thinking about it. Therefore, we allowed him to carry on with hopes of finding rest someday.

That evening, all talks were solely on him. Unfortunately enough for him, he left very close to daybreak the same night this tragedy happened. According to the fine observers of that night, the stories narrated pointed abstract fingers at him directly. Some of it being,

“He looked very restless and disturbed”

“Packed some of his stuffs like he was travelling”

“Left school at a rather too early time for even himself”

“It’s been a long while he spent that much time in the room”

Nevertheless, wait! What if all these were just coincidences to the time the phones were taken or found missing? What if something else was bothering him, making him seem so restless? What if he had received a call to attend a very vital function very urgently? What if something very bad was happening to him internally? What if the coincidences are so true? What if he was the one who stole the phones?

Image Credit: https://bloggingwithtom.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/thief

What if…?

One Micaiah


2 thoughts on “​What if…?

  1. Lol…

    Sometimes our imaginations run wild and there are always a million and one possible scenarios.

    Nice post 👍

    P.S: I hope Efom isn’t the guy’s real name, if this happens to be non-fiction.

    Liked by 1 person

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