​Solomon is Dead!

“Let’s go home, Samuel.” I said with a very deep sigh, and a big head shake, as I called on my grandson for home. “I can’t believe Solomon did that to me.” I muttered in a soundless voice, holding Samuel’s hand, and leading the way home.

I’ve been a very strong woman all my life, but this shame seems to be the last I could take in. I am so pained that I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I think I deserved to be blamed, so I’m keeping my cool.

“I will disgrace you today!” He’d shouted at the top of his voice. “You this useless woman.” He continued.

I tried bringing down the volume of his voice by begging him with a cool tone, but all was to no avail. He just kept ranting.

“How shameless can you be?” He snorted me badly. “You won’t leave here today without giving me my money; believe it or not.”

I wanted to act like he wasn’t talking to me, but that was too late. We’ve created a fine scene already.

“What is happening here?” One of our prestigious viewer was asking.

I kept one of my finest composure.

“What is the matter?” The church pastor asked calmly. He had heard the one-sided argument from his office and asked us to come see him immediately. We couldn’t have disobeyed, so, here we are with him trying to resolve what has caused the disturbance. Moreover, it’s about the church itself.

“Ehn ehn…” Solomon started. “This woman is a big debtor. She is owing me… I mean the church a very outrageous sum of money.” The pastor seemed attentive enough, and I was wishing he continues to speak forever, because i have nothing to say. “For about 3 years, she has only paid about 5% of the major contributions in this church, and nothing for the minor ones.” He showed the pastor book pages that look like a record of my owed dues to the church. I just acted like I wasn’t part of the conversation.

After all was said and done by Solomon, the pastor asked for the reasons I haven’t been able to make up for the dues owed. I told him I’m trying my best and that market hasn’t been so rosy for me. He wanted to know when I’m bringing part (definitely not all) of the money. I replied ‘next week’ as if that was my first time saying the 2 four-lettered words. I’m not sure my next week will ever end though. He begged Solomon to allow me be, and also pleaded with me to never let next week fail. I nodded, and walked out of the office with Solomon behind me with mad murmurs.

“Mama! Mama!! Mama!!!” Samuel had been calling. “Why are you crying?” He asked innocently just as any 5 years old would. I was face-wetted with my own tears already, and I didn’t know. “I’m not crying, baby.” I patted him on the head, and drew him towards my bosom. “I’m not crying.” I whispered, again.


“Solomon is just so dead!” I said within me.


One Micaiah


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