GRACE is with HIM

The fire on the ocean is burning

Ashes formed clouds on it

A peaceful sail of gory

Blood of ghost breathing heavily

They are smacking down and switching music

Spirit are swimming upon the surface

With a million and one gigantic Pinnace

Oceans and mountain are evaporating

Heaven and hell breaking and descending

Angels and devil above us tugging

The moon and stars will hide

Day and night will wrestle

Questions will come, answers will run

Is the Son of Man come yet?

For we merry beside the Noah’s ark

We forget that salvation sits inside

To us, we fool around the seaside

Making merry for destruction of morrow

Celebrating the misfortune that will follow

Storming the earth with sorrow

Listen, his coming draws near, oh! yea saint

Merry in his wish to reign with Him

Our own Noah’s ark resides in Zion

Righteousness and holiness is the key

But everlasting Grace is with Him

Image Credit:

Writer: Oyawale Olabode (BodeWrites)

Facebook: Oyawale Olabode Olatomi

Twitter: @Bodewrites

Instagram : @bodewrites


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