​His Bone Was Out!

I wish I won’t write about this, but who am I to wish for things that are meant to always be. Like someone will say, “what will be will be.”

Today is the fifth day into the new year and someone was at the brink of death yesterday – the fourth. It’s not funny at all. To be sincere, there must have been a lot of them somewhere else, but I saw 2 of them with my own eyes, struggling to live like human beings.

The woman’s agony was the better compared to the man’s. Even with the kind of pain she was experiencing, living a normal, poor and wretched life is far better. She just kept shouting brutally in a language I can’t comprehend. I felt her pain deep in me. The kind of pain that wasn’t able to remind her of the pepper and fish she bought for dinner that night. I’m sure she can’t even remember holding a thousand naira note with her; dropped on the busy express. smh.

The guy was the bike rider, just as I had presumed. His own pain was too afflictive to be expressed in my writing. It’s that kind of pain that keeps you silent. Silent as death. For some minutes, I thought he had died. He just lied helplessly on that express road, probably recalling the best days of his life. Or maybe cursing that present time for his bad luck.

His bone was out. I don’t know how many, but none of us, passersby, was thick enough to look at it. My heart can’t just hold it. Even after leaving the scene, it was as if I walked back home lifelessly. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. If they had died, that would have been the end. The end of their lives. What then is the essence of life if we’re all living to die one day. Just one day. No second, third, fourth or fifth lives like candy crush.

A woman, also at the locale, walked up to me, gave me a big hug and kept whispering ‘Mercy of God.’ She was too terrified by the sight. We haven’t even seen each other before.

I wasn’t able to eat that night. I used to think having spent so much years in the medical school should make me fearless. I was totally horrified myself.

Watching a dying man is totally different from seeing a dead one.

I pray the man wouldn’t have to live a lame if he survives, and the woman also find peace after recovery. Amen!

Peace out.
One Micaiah


5 thoughts on “​His Bone Was Out!

  1. The ‘His Bone Was Out’ statement hit me… That’s sad, I pray they find peace and healing emotionally and physically too.

    And One M! Shey you dinnor know that life isn’t candy crush? 😏😂

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    1. Sometimes I wish life can be like that Steph… When I don’t like my life again, I’ll just kill myself and come back with the hope that I still have about 3 lives again to live… Life can be kinda perfect that way sha. . 😉 thanks for the comment too

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