​Men of a Kind

When a man like me chose to decide who a man of God should be like, I am usually disappointed when I read about those God Himself chose as His own person. Really, I am always disappointed. If I were to exempt some sets of people from the people of God, the first set would … More ​Men of a Kind

​Weird, Right?

I was going through some really weird things online, and I felt I should probably share some with you. The longest time between two twins being born is 87 days. (They shouldn’t be called twins again) 😨 The world’s deepest postbox is in Susami Bay in Japan . It’s 10 metres underwater. (What happen?) 😰 … More ​Weird, Right?

​Who Knows Stephen?

Recently, during my personal Bible study for this past week, I stumbled on a personality in the Bible. Someone I’d never taken so serious before. I’ll probably say I knew very little about him just because I heard it being talked about in church or by a friend. Surprisingly, all I’ve heard about him is … More ​Who Knows Stephen?

​What if…?

My heart never stopped pondering on the case of a beloved roommate in school. He’s been out of school for the past fortnight now, and a laid claim seems to be awaiting his return. The sight of the handsomely looking neighbor is what brought about the remembrance of the situation at hand. It left me … More ​What if…?


Of all things in the world, the word ‘Life’ looks super-easy to understand. I don’t know why it’s like that but the easiest excuse I can give, for myself, is maybe because we’re living in it. Maybe. I ran through different definitions of life some minutes ago; maybe some days, weeks, months or even years ago … More Life

​Solomon is Dead!

“Let’s go home, Samuel.” I said with a very deep sigh, and a big head shake, as I called on my grandson for home. “I can’t believe Solomon did that to me.” I muttered in a soundless voice, holding Samuel’s hand, and leading the way home. I’ve been a very strong woman all my life, … More ​Solomon is Dead!