​I have started!


And that’s how I started blogging at last. The feeling of having to continuously write online with my own personal thoughts accompanying my fingers as they type the letters (or write on paper, as the case may be) makes me very happy.

Even if this is the only post I’ll have on here, I feel it is more than enough to keep me happy for the rest of this year. I’m just joking though.

I’m probably here to stay like forever with you. I wanna keep writing to the benefits of ourselves – me and you alone. What else could be more interesting? Nothing for me.

I just wanna let you know a little bit about my own self before we continue with the first real and cute article proper.

My name is Micaiah; mostly written as Mikaiah (the name’s Yoruba version). Lol. Surname: Oyepintemi (don’t ask for the meaning, unless you’re ready to meet my long-gone ancestral fathers). Other names: not necessary for now (I’ll go by the one you give anyway). Nicknames: Mickie (first given by my most admired ex), etc…

If you need to know more about me, just visit the Talk to One Micaiah option on the menu or click here.

And concerning the name, One Micaiah. Hmm. The name just came like that. Though, it’s really gone through a lot of metamorphosis. Really, it has. From gentle to Gentle-Micki to M! to The One… M! to One M! to One Micaiah. A lot of name changing processes I can’t remember for now. Anyways, the name One Micaiah is finally staying. And it’s staying forever. I’m not sure I really need to tell what inspired the name, coz I think it’s very self explanatory.

If you really feel the need to know, you can ask in the comment box or send a message anyhow.

Hmm… I want to stop writing now so I can have enough finger-energy for the rest of my writings. If you wanna talk, feel free to visit the Talk to One Micaiah option in the menu or click here.

I can assure you I’m very friendly, especially if I’m not starting the conversation. *winks* I hope we enjoy this together.

Image Credit: http://www.clker.com/

Look out for the first real and cute article in about a few hours.

And never forget this: Read, Comment, Share, Follow and Share.

Yours Forever.
One Micaiah


7 thoughts on “​I have started!

  1. One M!

    Congrats on starting up your blog… More energy to the fingers and more inspiration to your brains.

    P.S: From all you’ve written 👆, I now know a little more about you 😈. But you forgot to mention that you laugh a lot tho😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oyepintemi… Is an ancient family name. I don’t know the meaning… And I’m pretty sure my parents don’t know the meaning either… I believe it’s a beautiful name, though.

      For One Micaiah, it’s inspired by my self uniqueness.

      I hope I answered satisfactorily?

      Liked by 1 person

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