I Hate You 

I hung the call. That’s just too cliché for my hearing before my sweet bedtime, so I thought. But I couldn’t sleep. Not a sting of sleep came afterwards. My mind wandered on useless thoughts about us throughout the night, and by the time I found sleep, it was too late, yet I slept anyway.

I must have read the text for more than a million times already since I last spoke to him; the text I thought would never matter to my life two days ago. The number of tears I had shed since then also would have been enough to mould at least three clay huts in my village if I had been collecting them. Thank God I live alone, it would have been worse because of the sort of consolation I’d have gotten from my former roommate.

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Why Else Would I Want to Toast You?


“Now don’t get me wrong.”  I said to her. “I’m not saying every guy wants to have sex with every girl he meets.”  I continued. Hell no. But for real, I do not think any guy would approach any girl he can’t have sex with – unless I’m evangelizing sha. … More Why Else Would I Want to Toast You?


I once heard ‘Silence is the best answer for a Fool’, however, as much as I would love to call them a fool, I still feel ‘Silence, to an extent, is also the best answer for the Wise’. … More Silence

Fighting for Joseph’s Love 8

“That common street girl took Joseph from you” Bello exclaimed furiously as they drove home. “She took the head girl position from you, and now she had just taken the best graduating student too” He adjusted his agbada arm. “All from you. You should be very ashamed of yourself.” He coughed loudly.

“Abeg, take am easy sir.” The driver said shakily.

“You!” He barked at the driver. “You have seen another job abi?” He asked.

“No o.”

“Then, mind your business and drive.” He said.

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Fighting for Joseph’s Love 7

“So, who’s the head girl?” Mr. Bello Bello asked like he has been waiting for the moment.


“You mean the same girl that is trying to get Joseph from you?” He said with a straight. Gifty could not look him in the eyes as she nodded in shame. “When do you plan on getting anything right, Gifty?” He said angrily. “I did all I could to help you get Joseph, but you failed to make him love you. Instead, you allow a common street rat take him. And now, she has the position I worked so hard to secure for you.” He stood up angrily and faced Gifty. “You are a disgrace to my image and…”

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Arts Approach 2017

What is Arts Approach? Arts Approach is an annual youth empowerment project for young and professional dance and drum artistes in Lagos and its environs. It was initiated in September 2014 by Oluwasogba Tayo Sam (IjoTayo), with the aim of empowering the youths in the community and this involves dance, drums, arts and craft, make up, … More Arts Approach 2017